Upside down help

Goodman unit I found upside down. M# GMP 100-3 S# 9507833446
100,000 BTU unit. I told client that I have never seen a unit installed upside down. That they are usually built as down flow units. Not units just turned upside down. Please, if anyone can better inform me, so I can contact my client.

By the way that piece of paper you see on the floor was the efficiency tag. It was stuck in that makeshift chimney guard. Yes it is slightly browned.

Kreischer 4 16 08 043.JPG

That’s not right at all!! The burners are upside-down and the flame burns around the burners…the heat goes up and theres no “up” to go to…and…ah…that’s just plain wrong.

How does that flue work???..I know it’s a power vent, but they just don’t “power” that way…

Some people’s kids…

Thanks Jae, it’s like I told him, I’ve never seen one installed like that & don’t see how it would work properly. Just called him to let him know about it. Along with all the other problems he’s not buying that house since the owner was doing all the remodleing himself. Yea it showed.

[FONT=Arial]This one can be installed in any position, (up, down left or right) according to this link

It looks like they might have even used the optional combustible floor base for downflow configuration.

Where does it get it’s combustion air?

It does look upside down. I can see why you are concerned.


I thought that was possible but couldn’t find the manual you did. Great.:smiley:


Just called him back with the new info, read it right off the computer. I told him that reading it from the manufacturers book is always the best. Thanks for all the help. He said it wouldn’t make much difference with all the other problems we found today.

The unit is built for any flow direction, but the heat exchanger is built to be the upright position only. The blower box can be installed on top or on either side or the bottom. I’ve installed many of that type of system, and it does work well when properly installed.

Bear in mind that…

is not an installation instruction manual. It is merely basic information for sales purposes.

Several years ago I ran into a unit that was upside-down. It was brand new construction and it just shocked the ______ out of me. My Client read through the manufacturer’s installation guide that was with the furnace, and there halfway through the guide were installation instructions for horizontal left, horizontal right, vertical top, vertical bottom, upside-down top, and upside-down bottom diagrams and appropriate instructions. We came to the conclusion that it had been installed properly, other than the flex pipe passing through the furnace housing and no secondary drain line. Consequently, when they had that corrected, the HVAC tech confirmed that otherwise it had been installed correctly in its upside-down configuration.

I do not remember whether or not it was a Goodman unit.

The Goodman GMP can be installed upflow, downflow, or horizontal. The only modification needed is that the inducer needs to be turned so that the exhaust exits through the side of the cabinet (as shown in the picture)

there is no “blower box”, It is a 1 piece furnace. The heat exchanger is fine upside down because it is induced draft.

The GMPs had a big problem with the crimp rings that hold the heat exchanger together popping off. you should recommend an inspection by a heating contractor.