Furnace installed upside down

I inspected a new construction condo in Chicago today, The new Carrier Furnace was installed upside down, and because it was installed upside down it had 5 90 elbow in the vent pipe.

Does anyone have any information about if Carrier unit can be installed upside down. I have emailed Carrier but no reply yet.

Thank for the help

There are “down flow” FAU’s, but it sounds like you’ve described an improper installation. Do you have any pictures?

Maybe…try: http://www.ashrae.org/template/AssetDetail?assetid=13417

In my area, that would mean that it is in the crawl space instead of the attic. :slight_smile:

Five 90 degree elbows? I believe each elbow is the equivalent of 20’ of horizontal run. That means you have in theory 100’ of exhaust vent. I also don’t understand how a furnace can be installed upside down without changing the burners and heat exchanger othewise it would not be firing properly, et ceteras.


Thanks for the link. Very informative.


carrier does make multi posistional furnaces they can be flipped for any postion upflow,downflow,horizontal,but the flue is able to be moved too sounds like maybe installer error