Upstairs Moen faucets do not work

Inspected a 4000 sq ft home this morning that had all Moen fixtures in the home. Home is 5 yrs old. PEX type plumbing. Here is the problem; The two faucets in the upstairs master bath did not work at all, also another faucet in bathroom down the hall had VERY low pressure, water just dribbled out. Faucet next to it worked fine. Two other bathroom faucets worked fine. The other problem; No hot water at all four shower mixer valves, cold only. I know that Moen mixer valves can go bad if they sit unused for long periods of time, but all four? Could this be the same problem with the two handle faucets? All fixtures are in excellent condition, like new. I checked all shut valves.

Did you check the shut off valves at the manifold, or just at the fixtures?

Did not find manifold in home,or at least access to it. I rarely do here in AZ.

If it has PEX, it has a manifold. Not all manifolds use shutoff valves, but for a home that size they are common. It was probably behind an access panel. If you havent filed your report already, I recommend you insert a statement stating that you did not discover the location of the manifold, and to request the location from the seller.

Thanks, I have seen manifold access panels in garages in some homes, but not very often. I even looked in attic. Home is bank owned, so I will just note in report that manifold was not located.

Failed water softener in the house?

I haven’t seen a PEX Manifold in any home built here in the last 10 years. I’d bet its the mixing cartridges, I find they fail especially if the house has sat all last summer during the extreme heat.

No water softener installed in home

Thanks Dale, this is what I thought, but it is strange that so many went bad. It just had me scratching my head.

It’s an easy and inexpensive fix on a moen faucet and about all that can go wrong with them…

That’s interesting. I see the exact opposite here. Perhaps it due to the weather… makes it easier to winterize the home if needed?

I’ve even seen one extreme case where someone zoned the copper piping! (If I come accross the pic’s. I’ll come back and post them).

Mary Ann, I find bad mixing cartridges daily…sometimes 3-4 in a shaq…so what you found is not out of the norm to me.

It’s a flip of the coin here, but many are still plumbed the traditional way without a manifold.

are You seeing much pex there Bill…it’s just starting to show up here…

Every thing here is PEX now very seldom to see a manifold

where My son lives near charlotte, all new construction pex with manifolds…up here just showing up mostly due to bank owned with stolen copper…

Again a flip of the coin… been seeing it more and more, but I’ve seen it the last 5-7 years in new construction and some rehabs. Seems only the higher end homes get a manifold.

I’d believe your correct Jeff…prolly for freezing weather conditions which we do not have, about 70ish today…how is it there?

It actually hit about 44f today. As I look out the window, we just got hit with three inches of snow in the last two hours! Go figure.

I often see one bad shower head in homes, haven’t seen two handled Moen faucets go bad. Guess I just haven’t been around long enough! Thanks for confirmation.