Low hot flow...some fixtures only.

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Today?s condo?1969, mid story, copper piping where visible, 12 year old heater. Two full bathrooms back to back. Both showers and one vanity had very, very low hot water flow?more than a dribble but barely. Static pressure was good and cold water flow was excellent everywhere (no clogged aerators). Hot water flow at the other vanity and kitchen faucet was fine?so not a direct problem with the heater. Owner stated that he had lived with it like this for the three years he had lived there. (???)

Anyway?I?ve ruled out a crimped pipe, at least in my head, as A. the vanity with good flow was the furthest away from the heater and B. no modifications had been made to the condo and it?s hard to believe it?s been this way since 1969. I suspect sediment build-up in the hot supply somewhere behind the three fixtures, especially as the vanity with good flow showed discoloration after running it for a good while. Does that sound possible? I?ve never seen such poor hot flow from only some fixtures before.

Plumber has already been recommended for investigation and repair so this is just to educate a few more of my brain cells. ![eusa_think.gif](upload://lNFeGuTetUAtwNVgUSOuUzgrGGK.gif)

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Hi Richard,

I suspect that your guess is correct, I have just gone through a similar thing on a rental property that I manage, for no sensible reason we were having flow problems, to 2 floor units. me and our plumber spent a few hours cutting inro piping to fiure out why we were having this problem.

could this be the issue ??

Yep, bet that was it:

Needless to say when we tore out that run and replaced the piping it cured the problem.

And I know that the pipe was only 18 to 19 years old !!



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I had a similar problem with the cold side of the fixtures in my bathroom. When I remodeled the kitchen, it was a no brainer because the bathroom was directly above it and the walls and ceilings were torn out at the time.

In went the new pipes, 3/4 copper with 1/2 inch branches. You would think that would have solved the problem. Well it did, with the cold side, now it was happening on the hot side.

To make a long story short, I replaced the fixture which fixed the problem.

The pipes that I took out were not blocked and to this day I can not explain it.

I just know what fixed it. ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif)

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Hi Richard,

I've seen the single handle faucets degrade to the point where flow is restricted. The three times I've seen it were all caused by a chunk of solder that damaged the seal and the resulting flap partially blocked water flow.