USI Affinity's health insurance for InterNACHI members.

With Healthcare Reform, American consumers are having trouble understanding their insurance options: where to get information, how to enroll, and how to determine actual needs. The Internachi Insurance Exchange marketplace website will assist you in your efforts to find affordable health insurance and other benefits for you and your family. You will be able to interact with qualified professionals who will be able to answer questions and assist you through the process.
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USI Affinity I Benefit Solutions Group
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USI Affinity - An Onex Private Equity Co. providing insurance, financial and risk management services to individuals, professionals and business owners through their association memberships

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InterNACHI…always coming through.

Affordable Healthcare is just around the corner.

Just a quick recap of the powerful tool InterNachi is providing its followers.

  1. For those that are earning more than 400% of the poverty level, and won’t receive a federal subsidy to help pay for their medical coverage, you have a platform to get quotes, ask questions, get information, purchase coverage…and you can do it today.
  2. For those that may be earning less than the 400% threshold, your InterNachi Private Health Insurance site can guide you to your state exchange site*…on Oct.1 , to seek coverage and get the subsidy.
  3. The InterNachi site provides access to dental, vision and other products too.
  • The state exchanges are do to open on Oct.1. They will have less plans and plan options to choose from, but if one is eligible for a subsidy, it would worth comparison shopping. InterNachi’s insurance broker call center can help you decide and help you complete the paperwork to get the subsidy. The effective date for any plans purchased off the state exchange is January 1 , 2014.