Using generator to test electrical system

Have a house to inspect with no power, they want me to provide a generator to supply power. Any issues you can see with this?

Generator has to be outside of course and must be 220v

What’s the best way to connect it?

Thanks in advance!

This is a HUGE liability. Personally I would refuse. I would site that the cost of renting an generator, hiring an electrician and hooking it up properly costs more than having the electricity turned on. Not to mention the liability.

I stick to my standard practices. I don’t do plumbing or electrical services.

Yeah, I hate to turn down an inspection but you’re right there are issues with this that could bite me in the keister!

Would your insurance cover a fire you caused to the home you don’t own!

Last time I used a portable generator, I had to replace the computer power pack…

Just cite the liability issues, have them hire someone to connect the generator and get the place up and running, then do your inspection.

You are asking how to hook it up.
Nough said.

Man, just WTF are you (not) thinking!?!:eek::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock: literally!

Remember to hook up the ground

Ba hahahahahah ! Good one.

nice ride !

Thanks. It’s a 1997 H.D. Heritage Softail “Springer.” Little bit of a rare model, so it’s a b!tch to get accessory parts.

And to keep with the thread topic…I don’t fire up generators, let alone bring my own one to hook up.??


Technically the house needs a power transfer switch to prevent back feeding electricity into the power grid.

I recommend they have a electrician provide the power, then you can do the inspection.

or he could pull the meter head ,not that I would ever think of doing anything like that of course.

If the building already has no power how would the generator feed back into the grid? Wouldn’t the system already be disconnected?

Would that depend on how it is disconnected?

Good point though.

The cheap and dirty method, you did not here this from me, is to throw the main breaker and wire a dryer plug onto a section of cable and plug it into the generator. That’s what some companies do around here when they winterize a foreclosed home with all the utilities turned off.

The only issue I can see is finding the best way to say “no” without bursting into uncontrollable laughter. :wink:

This idea coincides right up there with bringing a tank of gas to test the furnace, water heater, stove, etc. when it’s turned off. BTW, who is “they”?