Utility room access is located in a basement bbedroom

I just inspected a house today which was just remodeled for a flip. The house was built 1976 and is a split foyer, I don’t know if the basement was completely finished before the flip but to access the utility room you enter it through the basement bedroom. The furnace is a new 98% with combustion air received from the outside and returned to the outside but the water heater get it’s combustion air from the house air and the utility room has no air supply vents, is this acceptable?

It depends. Is this a confined space (less than 50 cubic feet/thousand BTUs) or an unconfined space?
If you are not sure, just cut to the chase and send it to a licensed plumbing or HVAC contractor for further evaluation and repair.

Brian, you’ve got to retake some courses. You should know this stuff. You don’t want to get in trouble. Utility closets are found in bedrooms all the time, especially in condos where room is limited. Search the forum for utility closet bedroom. We discussed this too many times.

Thanks for the help

Brian … For kicks LOOK for rooms in a house where natural gas / fuel appliances MIGHT be prohibited

Some industry professionals will say that a bedroom must have a closet to be “counted” as a bedroom. … Occupants of a bedroom must be able to get outside the home if there is a fire. HUD further elaborates specifically on basement bedrooms that: As a rule basement space does not count as habitable space.