Basement bedroom

What requirements are needed, if any, for a basement bedroom that is accessed through a utility room (furnace and water heater installed)?

How about an egress window (none was installed) in a 1980 build?

It appeared that the basement was finished and/or remodeled in 2000.

The basement is a walkout with an exit door at the opposite side of the basement.

Might as well stop right there. This configuration is NOT allowed (and the explanation is not necessarily for the reason you may think).

What requirement do you mean Jeff ?
Explanation is needed.

Egress window is required but why is pass through a utility room in violation ?
Maybe it is a giant room covering mot of the basement .

You could call the entire basement a utility room if it is not enclosed so what size is to small to be used as a pass through if indeed it is one ?

Who wants to bet there is **no **permit pulled for that “bedroom”?!

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I assumed a few facts not provided by the OP, but let’s face it, I been 'spectin a long time, and the reality of it all says I already know with a good degree of certainty what conditions exist in this case. I see’s it all the time. If I am wrong about the particular facts… sue me! :wink: