Valid wall coverings over foam board/spray foam

Hello everyone
we have foam board in the walls and ceilings (pink XPS) sprayed in place using spray foam.
Now we want to cover the wall but we don’t like drywall. I am aware of the fact that 1/2in drywall is sufficient
but instead we are looking for several alternative options:
#1: 1 in pine board (common board or better), not TG, screwed on rafters/studs
#2: corrugated roofing panel (galvanized, the barn look)
#3: cement board either 1/4 or 1/2in

Which of these would work without drywall underneath and satisfy code requirements?
Thanks a million for your advice

Hi Dolly, this is a discussion board for home inspection topics by home inspectors.
You might want to seek out a DIY forum.

Check with the manufacturer of the spray foam. They should have requirements listed on their website.

Sounds like from what you described this is on the interior?

What’s the R-value of the wall, ceiling, and floor?

Do you just have the foam board secured in place at the perimeters with spray foam?

I’m asking because I’m too entirely concerned about fire retardant at this point. You might want to contact a local RESNET Rater or BPI consultant. I’m more concerned with dew points and moisture if this on the interior, given your climate zone.