Value of real estate inspected by InterNACHI members tops $16 trillion dollars!

Do you think we can surpass the national debt?

Not if Bernie the socialist or Hillary the warmonger gets elected.

True :slight_smile:

s h I t . I did half that myself last week alone lol

Haha, so true it’s time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN :smiley:

The national debt is a home inspection business issue as it’s going to kill all of us if we let it.

How do you know the value of the homes inspectors are inspecting?

I can’t think of a single way you would know the value of any house I’ve inspected.

Just curious.

You don’t have to know the value of any particular thing to add up the total value of all those things.

The total sum of X number of unknowns = X (average of those unknowns).

So how was that precise number arrived at?

Sum of the average home sale price X number of homes sold X % that gets inspected/100 X InterNACHI member market share/100 for each year.

Everything averages out in the grand scheme of things. Surely it is not an exact number but at 16 trillion being off a billion or so doesn’t matter.