Vapor Barrier?

While in a garage attic yesterday I observed a cut in the 1/2" blue board insulation (mfg.unknown believe it is Dow) and siding installed without a housewrap (Tyvek). Is this insulation board considered adequate by itself. Home was built in 1995. Have any of you run across this and what would be a proper narrative if you don’t mind suggesting. Thank you for the help.

It can be used as a vapor barrier as long as the seams are sealed with tuck tape. Since you can’t verify this I would write what you see and can’t see.

Rigid foam insulation has been applied to the exterior as an insulator. This can also act as a vapor barrier if the joint are sealed as well. This could not be verified due to the vinyl siding.

No sheathing?

I should say isn’t there supposed to be sheathing?

Since when are garages required to have insulation?

Looks like typical modular/mobile home tract construction in FL during the eighties… Free standing garage probably metal strapping or diagonal blocking as shear. Shouldn’t be an issue unless it’s a designated hurricane shelter!

See that all the time here. Very popular building method here for a while. It’s supposed to have strapping and be sealed properly, but that can never be verified without removing the siding. It’s usually fine.

And attic walls required to have a vapor barrier?