vent/cross connection/undersized waste

So I flush a toilet at today’s inspection and see it swirl it’s way up to the rim then finally go down, whewwwwww (slow drain, clog,vent or improperly sized waste line issue)… then I hear water running behind me (all fixtures are off) yet the tub has a fairly steady stream of water running from it’s faucet for 10 - 15 seconds then it stops.

Flush the toilet again, water flows from the faucet again.
unfortunately the basement was finished so I could not confirm a definitive cross connection.

home was built in 1960, original water supply was a well - has since been changed to city water/sewer. One 2" vent visible on the roof, 3" main waste w/1 1/2 copper, 2" galvy branch lines coming into the tree.

What say you? agree, disagree?

I would write what you did here, more or less, and suggest a *potential *cross connection considering what you described but it does sound like it.

Chris…you’re freaking me out----:smiley:

Water was coming out of the Tub spigot with the faucets shutoff when you flush the toilet…hmmm…interesting I do believe----:smiley:

Exactly! :freaked-:

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Hey Chris I think you have 2 separate problems. It sounds like you have a problem with the diverter and a problem with the toilet. Slow flushing toilet is a sign of partial blockage in waste line (kids flushed a tooth brush or something). Then also a problem with the diverter, pressure or balancing valve.
To be sure though you could flush some food coloring down the toilet to see if the drip from the spout changes color. If it does the water supply is contaminated and unsafe to drink (among other things). If it doesn’t see paragraph 1.:smiley:

Disagree . :stuck_out_tongue:
Agree with Jack. :stuck_out_tongue: Assuming it’s a one-handle tub faucet, the pressure on the cold side drops when the toilet tank starts to fill, causing some hot water to leak past the valve. It’s just a theory, but an easier one to accept than a toilet water cross connection. :mad:

John Kogel

I’ve seen water flow from Delta/Delex type faucets when toilet is flushed a few times myself.

The faucet depends on water pressure to keep the seals tight against their seats and when the pressure drops due to poor flow pressure, (sometimes caused by restricted pipes), the drop in pressure causes the seals to come away from their seats.

It has nothing to do with the drain problem.

Good info…thanks. :smiley: