Vent in Chimney

Seems to be a lot of unsual inspections occuring around the country today. I find this during a inspection today. I don’t see the purpose for it and its tied into the flue. Anyone seen something like this before. The fireplace is used as a heat source for the home and has ductwork to the furnace air handler and distributes heat through the furnace ductwork. :neutral:

Do you have a picture, Patrick? Based on your description it sounds as if a creative homeowner is trying to use ductwork to evenly distribute heat throught the house in much the same way as a central furnace, and is using the air handler of the furnace to do this. I’ve come across this a number of times in my area where a lot of people use wood for heat. Just need to be sure that the combustion area and/or the chimney hasn’t been compromised.


Hi Patrick,
There are furnace-rated fireplaces and fireplace appliances that are designed to be the sole heat source for a home. And yes, they connect up to ductwork in the home to distribute the heat throughout the home. Have a great day! -Tom

Interesting product (particularly the masonry application).

You need to explain your self in more detail!!!

Unsual inspections around the country is a broad statement.

If the fire place is tied to the furnace in any way you have a serious problem.

You cannot combine various combustible materials in a single flue.



Thanks Joseph, we appreciate your comments! -Tom