Vent Pipe flashing - anyone know what this is?

During yesterdays inspection I came across this vent pipe. Of course ill report the obvious but have any of you come across this material that is being used as apron flashing of the pipe? Looks like mesh but i couldn’t get up there and physically touch it so i used a drone.


Possibly spiked mesh to try and prevent rodents from chewing the plumbing stack boot. Photo is not very clear, but it looks like spiked tips on the mesh.


The pipe appears to be for a tankless water heater. The “mesh flashing” was likely installed by a plumber. They may have intended to coat or flood the mesh with a sealant/tar.

I would say it is unconventional and may be prone to leaking. Further eval.


Rodents may have damaged the original boot, and it looks like they used a repair boot over the top of the damaged boot and placed mesh to deter further chewing from rodents?
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Brian has it. It’s a concentric vent for a tankless water heater. It’s a poor attempt at flashing.

I like that idea, replacing a damaged boot for this vent might have been a bit more expensive.

“Hey Goober, what should I do with all this left over silicone?”


Damaged boot or crappy install. :slightly_smiling_face:

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