Metal roof flashings

3rd story metal roof I didn’t walk on. I don’t frequently see metals roofs, you see anything on these penetrations that looks wrong?
1) Furnace chimney

2) Tankless water heater chimney

3) Plumbing vent stack

Sealant was used instead of flashing on the tankless water heater exhaust flue. Sealant will need to be checked often and reapplied as needed, approximately every 4-6 years depending on your climate and the amount of shade and what product is used to seal the roof.
I recommend that a proper flashing be installed by a qualified roofing contractor.

The other two roof penetrations have flashings installed incorrectly. They didn’t use enough fasteners.



I thought that might be the case. Thank you

I don’t see any flashing on this one. That’s an issue. Was it leaking?

Didn’t see any leaking. It’s a 2017

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