Vent tee on condensate line

I’m just training on HVAC now and it’s not an area I have much experience in, so I could be completely off here…

I’ve been looking at friends’ systems to get familiar with more of them and on this one, am I correct that there should be a vent tee on the side of the p trap closer to the wall?

Is the visible upper opening at the elbow supposed to be a vent or a clean out?

Any information greatly appreciated.

The opening in that elbow is a clean out, condensate pipes can get gummy and blocked up. Where does that P trap go? Condensate is not supposed to go into the waste system, although that might only be if the house is on a sewer?

Condensate lines are usually just gravity fed to the outside of the house above the ground or into a condensate pump which then pumps it to the outside.

With this setup I would guess that that p trap will get clogged eventually and there isn’t a clean out ( at least not that I can see) close enough to the trap to do anything about it without opening it up.

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It appears to terminate near the exterior condenser unit. The p trap looks like the ones used in a lavatory… Most of the installation diagrams I’ve seen of condensate lines make a u trap out of pvc and put a vent on the downstream side of the trap.

Bumping to see if anyone else has thoughts on this. Thanks.