A/C Condensate Connection into Drain

Hello Everyone - I’m a DIY’er and with many projects under my belt. I’ve come across something on this project where I need some input. I have a home built in 1984 and I’m remodeling a bathroom, removing the tub and making a shower.

Currently, my A/C unit drains into the back of the tub. So, my question is the following:

If I cut out the old P Trap and install new one directly under the shower drain (about 18 - 24 inches or so toward the middle from sidewall), can I “tee” in the A/C drain line connection into the new shower drain line near the old P Trap location, which was under the old tub drain?

The A/C drain already has a P Trap up in the attic where it exits the unit. I suppose I could install another one in the wall area if needed. Any problems with this approach?

Thanks for the assistance.

The key to where your condensate drain line connects depends on the type of furnace 80% or 90% efficient as the 90 produces condensate in the winter months and the 80 does not.

The 80 must be connected above a wet trap and it does not matter where the trap is located just that it is a wet trap.

A 90 furnace producing condensate can be connected to a attic vent stack with a trap installed provided you don’t live in a climate with sub-zero ambient temps