vent termination ?

greetings, let me set the scene… bungalow with newly remodeled master suite with glamor bath upstairs.

here i saw a roof vent that extended up about 8". issue i saw was the skylight that was about 6" away from the vent. i told the homeowner that because of the opening, the vent had to extend 2ft from the roof. she was arguing with me and told me an architec did the remodeling, blah, blah, blah… there are no different circumstances because the skylight are there? i dont think so, but…



Roof vents are not limited as to their location or height. There’s no problem installing a roof vent right next to a window or skylight. It’s simply allowing hot air to escape the attic cavity. That hot air that is escaping is not a health issue. It’s breathable.

You must be thinking of a Plumbing vent. If that were the case, now we have an issue.

Plumbing vents can not be installed to within 3 feet of any building opening.

yea, its not a roof vent. a plumbing vent.

Here ya go…

Hi to all,

Bob, is the skylight operable (openable) if it is a fixed pane it is not an issue, if it is opperable, then its an issue as Dave said.



Thank you, Gerry.

Operable does make a big difference, ayy?

Hi Dave, yes it does

From IRC 3103.5



This place is worth every penny of $289.00.