Inspected a detached carport and no attic access or ventilation was present. Vinyl was in ceiling and cornice. Seller was a builder and said no vents were needed. My question is, does this attic require the same amount of ventilation as house attic.

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Btw… my first question to you… Is it an actual “Carport” or a modified “Garage”?
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Jeff is right, you haven’t given enough details to give a certain answer, but maybe this will help.

Flat Roof without actual attic space? maybe.
Gable or Hip or other with an attic space? yes

Without vents the heat buildup will cook the shingles prematurely or snow melt could create ice damming on the north side(e.g. if gable roof with south and north facing fields).

If they have insulated a flat roof (no attic space) with a spray foam and the garage is conditioned then no, vents aren’t needed as it will be considered a hot roof installation.