Venting Narrative

I typically see water heaters and furnaces venting separately. This is a 10 year old property and this is how the furnace and water heater were vented. What are all your thoughts of the venting set up in this case?

Thanks in Advance


See attached.

I would expect to see something like the attachment you sent where the two appliances separately vent into a chimney, however, there was no “chimney” servicing this property. I found it odd that the water heater vented into the same vent line as the furnace.



Nothing odd about it at all. Venting separately at chimney chase is what you may see at an older home.


Thank you both for your help with this one. Seemed kind of odd, so I thought I would post and get feedback.

Thanks again.


They tie in all the time with a wye connection however that furnace flue looks like it must start out pretty low.
Must be the angle you took it.

Not sure about clearance at the wall either as it looks like they carved the 2x4 to fit it through.

May be a fire hazard.

The smaller appliance has to connect at a higher point than the bigger one. The vent pipe also needs to to slope at least 1/4" per foot and needs 1" clearance to combustibles. It’s standard here when both the furnace and the water heater are in the garage.

Yeah very basic information and I hope all know that by now however I was talking about the fact that the flue appears to start at a very low point .

What about clearance to combustibles ?