Some help with wording

This is a home built in the 40’s and Harry the Home owner has truely reeked havoc in this home. It is by far the biggest POS I have ever seen. Having said that I need a little help with this venting issue. I know this venting situation is not right I am just looking for some good verbage. What I am seeing is that the vent from the water heater connects with the vent from the furnace right before connecting with the chimney. The run from the water heater is 10ft+ and the same from the furnace…thanks ahead of time

I would not assume so quick that it was “harry the home owner” on this one…Ive seen the same here in CA…Did you look from the top of the chimney to see if everything vented properly…Or you could just deffer it to an HVAC contractor.

“Venting for furnace and water heater appear improper, suggest evaluation by qualified HVAC contractor for repair or replacement as necessary”


I agree, except for “appear”. They are improper.

What about the excessive slope of the waste line?

I still do not see proper verbage for the issue.

My home in St Joe looks the same. The system was installed by a HVAC company.

I made them come back and correct it.

Anthony i’m thinking Your…“this house is by far the biggest POS I have ever seen” should pretty much convey Your inspection results…that would be more than enough for me if i was a buyer…


Please don’t be shy…