Venting of High Efficiency

I suspect we are going to see this on most new installs.

:roll: :roll:

What is with the rolling eyes Michael. You don’t think this should be done or is there another reason for it?


Screens have been is use for 20 years or so.

Correct, nothing new here.

I’ve heard arguments from installers and manufacturers saying a grill/screen can cause as many problems and it prevents.

Also some recommend to install the grill on the Intake, Not on the exhaust.

*"Common Mistake # 1: Venting

• Some customers install the air intake screen that comes with the furnace on the flue/vent pipe, although it doesn’t belong there.

Make sure there isn’t a screen installed on the flue/vent pipe (the one that blows the exhaust outside). The screen should be installed outside the home on the air intake pipe only."*

That is all you got Michael. Can you explain what the rolling eyes are for since you are not referring to the same thing.

You’ll just have to guess Kevin.

I think he “rolled his eyes” because you are pretending to be predicting some new trend that has been around for quite sometime.

Nice try Christopher! However it is true that on occasion a screen should not be installed.

More from the CMI handbook?