Combustion for HE furnace

Coumbustion being taken from large unfinished basement. See any problems. Should there be a screen over the intake.


Looks like same unit.


Thanks, it is the same unit.

When I see an intake, I always suggest to route to outside of home and/or refer to manufacturer’s installation instructions. Intake inside the home can cause low pressure area, IMHO.

It’s not really an issue as pictured in an unfinished basement.

It is good to recommend running it to the exterior if they plan to the basement at a later date.

The elbow is all the manufacturers directions says it needs.

That’s typically the way the builders do it around here.

I did a search about GOODMAN, they say it is OK!

I agree with Michael, as shown, it should not be a problem. I don’t think it is best design as installed, but I don’t the Manuf. will have any problems. No screens needed, unless the area is susceptible to rodent or other pest activity, or children playing around ad possibly putting something into the elbow.

Usually, what I find in this situation is a separate air supply pipe positioned between the furnace and water heater.

It provides combustion air for both gas appliances.