Verify if this duct is installed correctly

I have a 14" duct with one end connected to the return plenum and the other to the supply plenum. Doesn’t seem right. Any HVAC pros out there. This was new construction. I looked at another house with the same floor plan done the same way.

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Also this was a two story home. I had a return vent downstairs but no return vent upstairs. Around 2700 sq/ft.

It’s a bypass duct, likely a zoned system. Lots of info online about pros/cons, etc.



Looks good to me from this angle.
Question. Shouldn’t there be a pan under the HAVC to catch leaking cabinet condensate?
Ops. There is.

Or at least an attempt at one. Looks like there’s no damper in it though unless it’s mounted on the top of the ducting on the right. I was thinking the red contraption next to the flex duct might be a humidistat, but then again can’t tell from the picture…

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this might be it? :man_shrugging:


Old thermostat boxes and to the right a zone control damper?