Vermiculite question (insulation)

It appears the attic I inspected recently contains vermiculite.
My question is what would you tell the buyer?

What is remediation or do you just leave undisturbed?

Also there is a horizontal mid eff furnace up there that was installed 2 years ago.
Does this increase risk?

insulation (Medium).JPGinsulation2 (Medium).JPG

Here is a link to my blog site. This is just one of about 8 different articles on Vermiculite that have come from clients, agents, or just people on the web. This particular article also has the wording that I paste into my reports when I find it. There are links there and downloads as well.
Hope this helps!

Thanks Mark
That is pretty much what I found via web EPA etc…
My question is what about that furnace?
I would think it will main line some of that stuff straight into the living space.

Probably not. The key is disturbance. As long as the vermiculite isn’t disturbed, then the dust particles aren’t going to be floating around (and inhaled).

Like the EPA says, if you do disturb it, leave the area. Likewise with the furnace or a return air in the attic, if you disturb it, turn the systems off for a little while so it isn’t circulated.

Try to keep things like vermiculite in perspective. I used to play in the stuff when I was a kid. So my current “fear” of it is one of caution but not panic.

I’ve studied a lot on the subject, and while there are lawsuits involved with it, and it is a health risk, I’ve not come across a single document that states that someone got sick from having it in their home. All the lawsuits I’ve seen have been in regards to people either working with it, or living close to the mine where they were actively contaminated. Now that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened, and that people should “play” in it, but basic common sense and basic precautions appear to be the more practical approach.

Ok …Thanks for the opinion.
I know most Asbestos cases involve those working with and around it, but I will defiantly not understate its presence.
Kinda like FPE panels in a way.

Mold is another and there are so many gray areas.
**I guess all we can do is convey present knowledge of issues.

(shout out to Barry Adair)
Thanks for the call.


There may be a concern if the furnace gets its combustion air from the attic space. That might “disturb” the insulation.

An indoor air quality test woulld tell.


Just got a very complimentary email from client and she thanks G-D that the Agent called me (last time maybe):slight_smile: as the deal fell through.
The sellers saw my punch list and opted out.

There were many other issues including of all things a dead Bat at floor of the furnace on the first floor and plumbing structural,etc.

Thanks for the advise in the mean time.

Free training. Takes 15 minutes. Good language for your reports.

The guideline I like to use is, “Would I want that in my new house?” The furnace is disturbing the dust up there, guaranteed. Call for testing and scare the sh… out of your clients. Sleep well. :cool:

John Kogel

Here’s a great vermiculite info website

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