Vermont inspectors

Good morning, I’m an inspector in Montana and have friends in Vermont. They are selling a home and were told that they HAD to bring receptacles up to current code (GFCI). When I inspect an older home, I recommend them. They also had a well inspection that cost them $1500. It sounded to me that they were getting screwed. Are there required updates by the state? What would a typical well inspection cost? Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve, I’m not in VT but in neighboring NH and do a lot of well testing and that seems pretty high. Do you know what they did for a test, was it done by a well company and include depths and recovery rates?

As far as the receptacles goes I know of no requirement to by them up to code by the state, was it possibly a municipal requirement?

Thanks for the quick response Peter. I don’t have any more info. My friends were visiting for a few days and are gone now. If I talk to them soon I’ll tell them what you said. Thank you, Steve