GFCI code requirements

I try not to deal in code. I have a 1980 home, my memory was kitchen GFCIs were required. Does anyone know if I’m having a blonde moment or not. Somewhere I thought I saw a chart of the years different GFCIs were required at different locations. Does anyone happen to have that. Thanks in advance.

Here is an interesting point to consider, while waiting for the answer to appear.

It is not the age of the home but the age of the receptacle that will matter most since replacement of the receptacles require that they be done in accordance with the existing code.

A 1954 home with non-GFCI’s over the kitchen counter that were manufactured in 1994 are a code violation. (NEC 406.3(D)(2))

Here you go.

Beat me to it. Here is a handy chart

Two is cool. I had it on my desktop documents thingamajiggy. That is the technical name for it but you get my drift.

Thanks Barry and Doug, those were exactly what I was looking for. James I have never seen a date on a recepticle, am I missing something. I do agree with your point though. I recommend GFCI no matter how old the home is, but if they were required helps establish who pays in the transaction.

That’s a doodlemaflotchythingamajiggy. I’m much more technical and you know when I’m ignorant I spout bigger words trying to overcome my shortcomings. :wink:

BTW I miss ol’ Norm

The documents in the original posts from Barry Adair and Doug Edwards in Apr 08 are apparently gone. Would someone be able to repost the documents or a link.



The site doesn’t seem to have the handy chart attached any more. Would you be able to re-post it? Thanks.