Vertical crack at a joint

Hey all, I’ve seen this type of crack before, though it’s been a while. I believe that the joint is intentional in that it’s anticipated it may crack or there may be expected shifting in the the cladding, but I’m not sure. I vaguely remember discussing this type of joint a couple of years ago, but can’t recall what was said. Has anyone else seen a crack in this type of joint? Is it common? In the report I’ll recommend resealing the joint.

Thanks for any info!

That type of miter in brick veneer should of had the standard backer rod and sealant.
They filled that joint with mortar and it fell out due to brick expansion and contraction. That is why a control joint is needed in that area.
In commercial work sometimes you will see miters like this done with special shape bricks eliminating the need for a control or caulk joint.
Recommendation to clean the broken mortar out of the joint and seal appropriately would be in order.


“Control Joint” That’s the term I was looking for ( I hate getting old ). I’ll do some research to look for the special bricks and items referring to a control joint. Thanks again for jogging my memory and the extra info; greatly appreciate it!


Wrong brick at the corner. Should have used 135 degree outside stretchers. Shame on the architect. Only hope now is backer rod and a soft control joint.

Yes sir! That is what I see, too, Darren. :smile: