Vertical foundation crack new home


My home is two years old. Before buying the home, there was an inspection done. During the insoection we found a crack on the outside of the house. The crack is expanding from the corner of the window and down ( cannot see how far it goes below that ground ). Inspector said that it does not look like anything serious, and that u should keep my eye on it. Few months ago I decided to open the insulation in the basement to see if the crack was inside the house. After opening the insulation, the crack was extending from the edge of the window all the way down to the ground in a zig zag pattern. The top of the crack is wider, about 2mm. My builder will not acknowledge that this is a serious crack because there is no water coming through. And in fact says that the crack does not go through the wall, even tough it can be seen from both sides of the wall. All they is latch the outside of the window with cement right after the PDI but the crack re appeared after about 5 months. I attached a pic. I would like to know your opinion about the nature of the crack and got some advice on how to proceed. Thank you.

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The issue you have is outside the scope of a traditional home inspection. I recommend you hire a structural engineer to make his assessment.

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