Vintage Rheem FAG furnace

Can someone please help me with the age of this thing?

Mod # 3200-84
Ser # st 11_4 RAON

IMG_0015.JPG IMG_0019.JPG



not surprizingly Prestons guide does not list it but that model numbering style was between 1965 and 1975,

Having said that, that unit looks older maybe mid 50’s




The preston guide I have is from 1965-2000. I didnt see that model #. Is the house older than 1965? The system may be the age of the house.


My mother used to use the term…old as the hills…

Does InspectVue have that in their library?

The home was built in 1951 and I am thinking that this furnace is the original as I have seen some made in the early 60’s that looked a little more HI-Tech:shock: than this thing.

Funny thing is, it burns clean with just a little rust visible at the heat exchanger.

I love inspecting homes like this one.:smiley:

Now someone figure that serial # out!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t make things to last anymore, guess, it’s a salesman thing…

I inspected a home a few weeks back that had a similar unit in it. It was a 1952 model. Although the unit you show has some universal retrofit electronics in it, i’d say it’s definitely that era.

That being said, i’d just tell the buyers that they need to budget for upgrade, cause there just ain’t no way i’d wanna pay the fuel bill on that thang!

Todd-- calling upon my vast (some would say half-vast) experience
I would place that critter in the early fifties. All the guys were right
in their guesses, especially about that “thang” being fuel-burner.

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

The best Rheem could come up with was 1950-1955.

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My mother used to use the term…old as the hills…

Does InspectVue have that in their library?:stuck_out_tongue:

It can if you put it in there.

I know they were not very new when I first started servicing furnaces in 1965, I would guess probably 10-15 years old then.
There are a few like it in around here still in service.
They were good furnaces.

I was amazed at how good of shape it was in after all these years. Even the cast iron “flat burners” ( that’s what the Rheem folks called them) are still in pretty good shape.

I see a lot of 15-20 year old furnaces that are shot. I guess Kevins right, they don’t make them like they used to.:frowning:

By the way, the two burner set up was rated at 84000 btu’s.

I thought that was interesting.:cool: