Vinyl siding unprofessionally installed (??)

One of many examples of a crap installation of vinyl siding, a re-install under insurance for hail. I am wondering if there is more to this than meets the eye, shouldn’t the siding sit inside the soffit, or soffits over the siding, so there is no visible opening? I think maybe they left the existing soffit.

See installation instructions especially #8, on page 3:

I had that last week and the Client just said he was going to install all new siding. Great place for nesting. Good info Larry to access.

Thanks Kevin and Larry, just what I needed.

I haven’t found vinyl siding yet that was actually capped at the bottom.

Seems to be the norm. I was standing there talking to the clients about the rodent problem in the attic and she said how do we find out how they are getting in when a ground squirrel went up in the corner :shock:. Her husband said well we just found one place :wink:

Sometimes they do get it right!