Another fine quality siding job

Can anyone tell me whats wrong or missing???
and dont say it had mold stains on it. :stuck_out_tongue: Billy!

I added this link in the report in hopes someone will read it and learn.

There’s not enough caulk. :stuck_out_tongue:

No utility trim?

over 100 people and 1 guess? Maybe I should had asked if anyone sees nathan hiding in the pitcure.
Here is a hint, in every image there is somthing wrong.

No tape flashing and flexible sealant on window trim, wrong outside corner trim installed - should be one-piece. With an open siding install like that (retrofit), the underlayment or existing finish needs to be completely waterproofed with drainage provided.

Photo 1: No flashing tape, should be utility channel not “J” as siding is cut

Photo2: No head flashing, incorrect corner joint missing tab on “J” Channel

Phot 3: As mentioned incorrect use of “J” channel should be one piece corner

Yeah, like that ever happens…:roll:

Glad a couple replied.
My biggest beef was the piss poor J cannel around the windows. Without the fold over tab they will not drain out.
With retro fits also it always sticks out past the windows. Some guys take the time to flash the sills properly but most don’t. Break out the caulk boys and girls.

Agree, but would add no drip cap present in Photo 2 as well.

Sean, its the seal of quality.:roll:
The quality seal that is attached to every job performed by that company.

Come-on now… your pulling everyone’s leg… you’ve seen them before
Just below the seal of CRAP the limited warranty.
This products installation is verified craptastic by its installer; thus allowing any repairs, replacement or litigation to be implemented at once. This tag must be found and verified for authentication by the company posthaste, A time line of, “within the first leap year on the lunar year commencing the second coming of Christ.”
The expressed gold Seal CRAPTASTIC warranty is for the first 10 years of servable life of the product and is implemented **at once ** upon verification.

1: In image one the window does not have a flange. There is no progressive flashing from what I see. Apron, side and drip cap at the top.
The installer should have flashed the window prior to installing the siding…

2: In image 2, the door again is not seal correctly.They are flashed like windows only the trim is not the same.

3: In image 3 is not the right way to finish of a corner. That home needed and outside corner.

How I installed siding: First is applied a VDB, Tyvek.
On any corner over the Tyvek I applied a poly selfadhearing membrane exceeding the 90% angle by 12" .
Then the molding. A outside or inside corner depending on the angle.
Tape and caulk projections or penetration prior the siding. The siding is prefitt dry, caulking applied and the vinyl section hung loosely.and Bob’s your uncle.

miss matched colors lol.

could’nt help it, been irish jigging, bus. has been very good …