Virginia-approved pre-licensing home inspection course January 9-12, 2017.

Wow, they really changed the requirements. When I stated some years ago, all education could be online.
The InterNACHI school is great, just a bit out of reach for 18 hours of education.

Richmond, VA. is a pain to work with trying to get licensed. I’ve even contacted Governor Terry McAuliffe, twice this year. I guess a backwoods redneck Inspector doesn’t matter to these people. They sure don’t mind asking for money though. I will pay my $50.00 probably 1 day this week to keep my business name and try submitting my info, once again. When I started back in 1996, Virginia didn’t even have licensing. I was asked if I wanted to be grandfathered in but I never took advantage of it. I never believed in licensing and I still don’t. Now it looks like I don’t have any choice. I have 1/2 a notion to fly to InterNACHI headquarters in January for the training, so I could get Virginia to listen but that’s $700.00 to $800.00 just for the class and over $1,000.00 for the full 35 hours with HVAC. Factor in a plane ticket and a motel and the bucks add up quick. I know it’s worth every penny and then some but it’s little notice. Who knows maybe something will come up, I’ve been wanting to visit Nick and the staff for a long time now.