State Licensing

I’m interested applying for a state license to do home inspections in the state of Virginia. They’re asking for 35 hours of documented classroom training and a minimum of 100 home inspections. They specify that those applicants who hold membership in good standing in a national or state professional home inspectors association, who’s membership requirements are equal to or exceed their own certification requirements can be accepted.

Basically, I’m wondering if anyone can help me to understand what I need, that NACHI can help me with, to apply for this license. Thanks for your help.

I trained 1 guy about 1.5 - 2 years ago from VA soon after the law went into effect. If I remember correctly it was handled by the State Fire Marshalls Office …

Ed you got it easy in Florida they are requiring 120 hours of classroom

Ed, Viriginia approves InterNACHI as an approved association to fulfill state certification provided I fill out your VA DOPR form for you.

Providing you meet the state’s requirements, of course.