Virginia Mold laws eliminated

I just received an update from the state of Virginia.
It appears the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations, along with the Virginia General Assembly, have repealed the state’s mold inspector/remediator regulations (laws).
House bill 1291 and senate bill 678 have passed, and the governor has signed these bills into law (no more mold regulations at the state level).
It looks like the law they passed last July (2011) will cease to exist on July 1, 2012.


Seems like a dumb move.

Smooth move Mould ( Mold ) Can be a very confusing issue in court .

I wonder if any of those law makers would want to move to Florida:D

It was sad that someone who had been doing mold work for 20 years, such as myself, had to spend alot of money to get licensed. Feel sorry for the guys that spent all that money taking courses and getting licensed. I am glad I waited, I had been subcontracting my mold work since the new laws. Come July I can do my own mold inspections again. Yeah!

I only know home inspections. I don’t understand the politics of it all yet. Why is licensing a bad thing?

I will let Bushart explain.

Passed to you, Bushart.


Depends who you are talking to whether licensing is a good or bad thing.
I do know, most inspectors recommend repairs to be performed by a licensed or qualified contractor. Yet many inspectors do not favor licensing.
In Virginia just about every field or area of expertise you can think of (in regards to a home or construction) is required to be licensed. Surveyors, engineers, contractors, realtors, brokers, insurance agents; the big exception is home inspectors (voluntary certification is available).

The problems with the mold laws (in my opinion) were they were enacted, and everyone had to take classes/training/tests to perform mold inspections or remediation; yet the classes did not exist when the laws were passed. Everyone was scrambling to figure out what to do.
I guess they figured it out; eliminate the law.

Side note:
I personally believe home inspectors should be licensed. I know many here will bash this idea and are waiting to pounce. Their argument: licensing solves nothing, but neither does not licensing. At least with licensing, there is some basic training and standards; with out it, pretty much anything goes.

I sure every $199 for up to 4,000 sq. ft. inspector and the agent they are chained to loves licensing.

Interesting Jamie. It seems like licensing itself isn’t good or bad just the idiots who are in charge.

Great news. The legislation required inferior classroom mold courses.

This is great news for sure !!!:cool: