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In July of this year the Louisiana legislature passed a law concerning mold and mold testing. This new law in effect requires anyone performing mold testing to be a state licensed contractor for mold testing and remediation. The exact requirements for attaining the license is in the process of being fleshed out at this time by the state contractors board and are unknown. The law (as yet not fully defined) took effect on July 14, 2003 and will be enforced starting July 1, 2004.

I will post any news I receive on this as soon as I hear more.

The consensus of the inspectors I meet with when I learned of this was that it would bring some order to the mold situation and real estate transactions in this state. Some, but certainly not all, intend to get the license and continue mold testing as a part of their business activities.
I will wait and see how my insurance carrier reacts to this.

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Perhaps those who are considering adding mold to their money making activities should see the consequences.

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