Virginia Real Estate Board Approves InterNACHI as School for Real Estate Agents

Virginia Real Estate Board approves InterNACHI as a Real Estate Proprietary School for providing free, online Continuing Education courses for licensed real estate agents.

Licensed real estate agents in Virginia will be able to attain free, online Continuing Education as soon as InterNACHI attains course approvals by the state. Coming soon…


So how are other inspectors leveraging this?



We’ll have every real estate agent in Virginia coming to an InterNACHI website soon, where he/she can complete his/her required continuing education to keep her real estate license conveniently, online and for free, forever… and where we can demonstrate the quality of the courses that InterNACHI members regularly enjoy by letting him/her experience that quality first hand… and where we can explain to them how to choose a great home inspector and what to look for to avoid.

InterNACHI just received in the mail Virginia’s official school certification of InterNACHI.

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

That’s great!
What courses are approved?