Vote for: 2011 Website of the Year

Vote for your choice for “2011 Website of the Year” !!!

Poll closes on December 24th, so don’t delay, vote today !!!

**The website of the Year Award was created to publicly recognize InterNACHI Members Websites in an effort to reward those sites that go above the essentials in creating their pages and Marketing skills. **

****Websites Nominated for an Award will be chosen once a Month and the winner for that Month will be awarded a Website Certificate Award for that Month. ****

****The Website of the Year will be chosen from the respectful Monthly Winners. ****

****This Award will include the Certificate of Accomplishment, Logo, and a Life-Time Membership to the InterInternational Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the rights to use the Website of the Year Logo on their web page. ****

****Website designs will be chosen based on these simple criteria’s: ****

****Overall Appearance ****
****Site Navigability ****
****Quality of Content ****
****Site Management and Communications ****
****Logo Supportiveness in promotional efforts for the InterNACHI Association ****
****Efficiency ****

All members of the InterNACHI Organization are eligible.

****It has be determined by the Awards Commitee, that in fairness to all other members, that once a website (Domain) has won a “Website of the Month” award, it is ineligible for another entry during the remainder of that calender year. **

**Any website (domain) that does not win the “Website of the Year” award, may submit their website (domain) for nomination in the following calendar year’s “Website of the Month” contests. **

**In addition, any website (domain) that has been chosen as the “Website of the Year”, is ineligible for any entry into any and all future “Website of the Month” or “Website of the Year” contests. ****



damn sean its a landslide you have 100% of the votes…for now


We have a three-way tie !!!

It’s Vital…
You pick :twisted:

On that note, don’t be confused when you click Vital’s link, and it changes the URL to:

I discovered this when creating the post, and decided to let it stand. If this site is victorious in the contest, the Awards Committee will need to make a determination as to which URL will be exempt from all future contests. (See above criteria). Jerry, if you have any questions, email me at: To all others, this should have zero bearing on your voting. Consider it a non-issue. Thanks.

I have my original forward to my new domain for SEO reason’s.

IMO both site are the same & both should be exempt from future contest.

Jerry, yes I understand. I do the same with one of my sites.

We will worry about it IF you win! :wink:

Until then… good luck! You have some very tough competition!!! (That “abstain” guy always seems to pull out from behind). :stuck_out_tongue:

14 monthly winners? Did I miss the new 2011 calendar?


Remember… we had a three way tie back in October, I think it was.



**Only a few days left to vote. Voting ends on December 24, 2011. **

Don’t delay, vote today !!!

Looks like we have a record turn out this year. woooohoooo!!!:mrgreen:

Lot’s of time left to vote.
Was gonna vote for Vital til I saw the last one, Professional (plus 1)
All good sites guys !
Keep it Going.


Keep up the voting folks, all good websites here. :slight_smile:

All great sites… But for no frills, to the point information don’t overlook

I think my should be web site of the century but I’ll vote for Sean’s :o

Thanks to those that voted for me as just like everyone would like to win.
I may put a few changes just in case it helps sway votes however all are good.

As stated before I used Dom’s tips on this site and he pushed me to create the site in two days so was very shocked to see I had won in May.
Just goes to show he has great templates and advise.:slight_smile:

Often the sites done by a web guru contracted out win ,however I hope one of the guys that did it himself takes it .

b u m p


( again )

Wow, all great sites. It was a toss up between Vital And Profession Inspections. Vital flash is too busy for me and had to search for addition al page links at the top. I recommend increasing font side. I did like Vitals format and description of services and photos.

Professional’s I liked the clean organized look and feel. Well written sections that sold me.

Best of luck to all.