WA. Home Inspection Advisory Board Appointed.

The Governor has appointed the Home Inspector board members. The members are:

  • Steven L. Smith, Bellingham
  • Michael O’Handley, Kenmore
  • Bruce MacKintosh, Woodinville
  • William D. Meyer, Spokane
  • Deb Wenneman, Vashon
  • David M. Pioli, Bothell
  • Stephen Cancler, Seattle



PO Box 9020, Olympia, Washington 98507-9020

Home Inspector Advisory Licensing Board
Meeting Agenda

**DATE: **August 7, 2008

**PLACE: **Renton City Hall
Council Chambers Room 702
1055 South Grady Way
Renton, WA 98057
(425) 430-6500

**PERSON: **Jerry McDonald, Assistant Administrator
(360) 664-6524
Email: jmcdonald@dol.wa.gov

**CALL TO ORDER: **Jerry McDonald


A. Welcome

B. Approval of Agenda

C. Introduction of Board Members and Staff/Roll Call

D. Board Ethics, Investigations, Others

E. Adoption of Rules of Order

F. Election of Board Chair

G. Election of Board Vice-Chair

H. Staff explanation of Subcommittee work and organization

I. Creation of Subcommittees
· Education
· Changing Business Practices
· Other

J. Chair appointments to subcommittees

K. Topic assignments to subcommittees
· Education
o Administration of Exam
o Recognition of Exams
o Pre-license Education
o Continuing Education
o Other

· Changing Business Practices
o Standards of Practice
o Standards of Conduct
o Written Reports
o Other

L. Approval of board meeting dates and locations

M. Other Business


The Department of Licensing has a policy of providing equal access to its services. If you need special accommodation, please contact (360) 664-6524 or TTY (360) 664-8885.


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This is written and produced by the Department of Licensing. Please send comments to Jerry McDonald at jmcdonald@dol.wa.gov.

Looks like an ASHI heavy Board to me. Wenneman, Meyer, MacKintosh and O’Handley are all ASHI whether they hold a membership card or not. Who wants to go to the first meeting to see how bad we will get it up the crawl space?

Im wondering if its open to go Stephen?

I think all meetings of any State Boards are open to the public. Doesn’t mean the public can speak but I THINK they have to make them open to the public.

funny how it cost more to be a home inspector in this state then being a building code inspector. Time to change hats.

And you know Robert, it is that way in many other states. It is sad that a home inspector spends more money to be a home inspector, than most other industries in other states.

This is very sad! even as markets are down, This is going to force up inspection fees


How did you get this so fast? Is it your being in Olympia? I only found out myself, that I was appointed, the day before yesterday and I found out the names of the other members of the board three hours after you wrote this post. You have your finger on the pulse. I noticed, back when the law was being debated, that you had the news before everyone else.

Ever look at the cost of getting a college degree? An HI license or certification is a gift by comparison!!! Don’t sweat the small stuff.

The Massachusetts State HI board meetingsare open to the public but only during a specific hour of the meeting. They hold their HI meeting privately, go over any pending issues, then invite the public in at the last hour. And the public absolutely does have the right to ask questions at that time.

Hey Steve,
Im on an email mailing list. You can join the mailing list here:


Thanks Peter. That is helpful. I signed up.

Congrats Steven!

Thanks Nick.

They will certainly dominate.

Did your law allow for ASHI to make the rules through their members on this board, or are all of the eligibility criteria and specifics named in the law itself?

The ASHI “coalition”, with the support of the real estate salesmen", in Missouri and Kansas pushed for an automonous board that allowed them to decide everything once they were put into place.

I think that InterNACHI needs to look closely at the behavior of one board member in particular. While I do not know of the others, there is but one that concerns me due to his personal disdain for this organization and its membership.

Should he show bias against our members, I think that an effort should be made to expose him for the anti-NACHI bigot that he has been and continues to be. While he may make suggestions under the moniker of being fair and balanced, or proposing things that in his opinion are for the benefit of the public, one needs to be prepared to peel the onion skin back and scrutinize the verbiage, suggestions, intentions, and actions of anything that comes from his direction.

There are factions that are already counting upon the new licensing board to do for them what they could not do with actual law.

It is disgusting and sad.

For those who were counting upon the requirement for an SPI License to be replaced by your law, this is a part of a conversation between me and Dr. Soumi that took place, today:

“BUSHART: Recent reviews of the new home inspection law, which does not include the need for SPI licensing or compliance, is a vindication for those who ignored that requirement for the years preceding the new law. Do you have any thoughts on that?”

“SOUMI: We won’t know for certain what the new rules will look like until the newly appointed Board meets to discuss licensing, education, and what comprises a home inspection. I suspect that many who become licensed as home inspectors will choose to retain their SPI license.”

All of these things will be determined, autonomously, by your state board of ASHI members.

Licensing solves nothing.

It’s better to have a slightly ASHI biased board that can’t do anything that smacks of anti-InterNACHI, than the other way around.

Anyway, the Board can’t do much other than make diploma mill associations who offer bogus credentials obsolete. Just like ASHI dies a quick death in every other state that adopts licensing, ASHI will die quickly in Washington too.

The real problem is that schools pumping out newly licensed inspectors (competitors) will be popping up everywhere in Washington this year. Great for InterNACHI, horrible for existing Washington inspectors.

Bye bye ASHI, hello 3,000 newly licensed competitors.

It is even better to have a state board that has limited rights and jurisdiction, as prescribed by the law itself - to simply enforce what elected officials have put into law…than to have a state board that can make up its own rules as it goes along, like Dr. Soumi says this one can.

According to Dr. Soumi, the State of Washington has a law governing home inspectors … but has yet to actually define what a “home inspection” is.

This is insane.

Insane? How about the fact that you can’t inspect a home without a license, but you can inspect a 300 unit apartment building, a factory, 3 pizza shops, a bus station, an airplane hanger, and shopping center without one. www.nachi.org/commercialcourse.htm