WA. STATE INSPECTORS (Email update from Mike O'Handley)

Hi All,

Hope everyone saw this today! http://www.theolympian.com/news/story/119225.html

Note the comments by Sen. Spanel at the end of the article. Not exactly a veiled threat, is it? She acts like nobody ever bothered to give her input about the profession the last time around.

The upcoming hearings were posted to TIJ on the 15th and I just re-posted the article tonight, complete with the location, time and date of the east side meeting in July.


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Mike O’Handley
Editor, The Inspector’s Journal

Bad home inspector - they found mold under the siding. AND we all remove siding to look underneath.

31 states have licensing - not so.

Its disgusting. Anyone can get a business card and call themselves a reporter OR Legislator. No schooling or license required.

Lol! I’m going to use that at the meetings when talking with the Senator. :wink:


Mike Notes that:

But Mike didn’t comment on Doug Etter’s comments that HI’s in Washington were given only one day’s notice about legislative procedures, meetings, etc., it’s funny how most of us were aware and informed of events many days before they took place, he probably belongs to that “Other” Association, Mr. Etter being from Lacey, should have had no problem attending any of the meetings in Olympia if he had been interested. At least here on the NACHI Message Board, our members are kept informed and are given the chance to participate, which ever side of the issue they are on.

Dan B. is technically correct, 31 States don’t have licensing, but they do have some form of HI Regulation.

Here’s the quote I liked from the Article:

Which ever side of the issue you’re on, participate, if you can’t attend the scheduled meetings, send letters and emails. don’t let groups who claim to represent you, even though they operate in secret, have more influence with the politicians than you do.

That’s a complete lie Lewis and you know it.

You can even read through the threads here on this forum and see how we barely had a day or two, or over the weekend before we had notice and that isn’t enough time to make arrangments or reschedule appointments and inspections.

Okay, Gov. Gregoire is on Ch.9 and it’s live, but I’ve tried consistently to get through and I can’t. But more power to you if you’d like to try.

Barely enough time? I posted the original email I received less than 4 hours after receiving it on May 22nd. The first hearing is for June 13. (22 days notice)

I posted a second email on May 25th just hours after receiving it. It had added an additional date at another location for July 11. (46 days notice)

For the first two sunrise hearings on this bill, there has been more than adequate notice so far.

We have an organization (NACHI) with enough members to be politically powerfull. I don’t see NACHI referred to in any of the press releases, newspaper articles, or TV and radio news reports about the impending legislation in Washington State. I’m not sure how to make that happen, NICK?
The other inspection groups seem to get plenty of press locally.
It doesn’t really take a bunch of effort to sway legislation. Politicians are highly impressed by any citizen that takes an interest, and a group that can come together and present a cohesive message can affect the outcome.
We can address this individually, or…
Any ideas?

Dale, the original legislation proposed last year had ASHI’s SOP written into the legislation. I personally sent a letter to all the legislators in Washington pointing out the political problem they were going to have if they endorsed legislation that mentioned a known no-entrance-requirement diploma mill within it. That letter is somewhere on this message board, I can’t find it. I included a copy of their come-only-with-cash application.

All references to the known diploma mill have been removed.

We also got specific invitations to public meetings for you to voice your concerns: http://www.nachi.org/wapublichearing2007.htm I might attend the Wanachee one myself.

Do you live your whole life with your head up your a$$ Wendy? Read all the posts dumb a$$, there was always plenty of time, especially for someone like you who claimed to be in direct contact with both the Senators involved. Read the Posts where you claimed you would be at the Meetings in Olympia, a short drive from your home, you were even going to wave at everybody, where were you?

Thanks to several members of NACHI members were given far more than 24 hours or a weekend notice before any meetings, Washington State even provides a website and email notification of scheduled events, which according to you, you subscribed to.

Why weren’t you aware of the meetings, during the time they occurred you made several hundred posts here on this Board where the information was posted repeatedly with plenty of time for anyone to make plans to attend or take part.

There were hundreds of Inspectors in Washington State who were not informed of the meetings, many weren’t even aware of pending legislation, that was their fault for not paying attention to things that can effect their business, you on the other hand had plenty of notice, seeing as you took part in every discussion about WA State Licensing on this board, and are only 63 miles from Olympia, which should have caused very little scheduling or travel difficulties.

It would appear, again, that the only liar around here is you Ms. Forsyth, but maybe I’m being too harsh, maybe you really believe thefabrications and fantasies you create, like someone else said , you should seek help, psychiatric help

Thanks, Nick
An inspector from Olympia interviewed on NPR yesterday, who is a strong supporter of government oversight, referred to ASHI as a model SOP. It sounds like we need to make the same point you made last year for this round of legislation. It would be great if you could attend one of the hearings. I will attend Burien or Wenatchee. Anyone else? We should have a consistent strategy for addressing the issues.

That was not what was under discussion if you will read it carefully. The gentleman was referring to the hearings during the process of 5788.

See the above post Lewis, and then read the article in the Olympian for yourself, and carefully.

Go through all the posts on 5788 where someone posted that it was going to be voted on, and that it would be the next day, or after the weekend, and the post would be on a Saturday night or whatever.

As to your nasty language towards me. Say whatever you want Lewis. I’ve had worse said about me by my abusive ex-husband. You should go work that out with your anger management counselor, or domestic violence counselor.

I’m hoping Peter Doane will give me a ride to Burien if he’s going since I can’t drive that far anymore. I can’t drive farther than five miles any direction.


There is far more NACHI representation at the Burien meeting, not that the Wenatchee meeting isn’t important, but I would think that the Burien meeting is one where if we come down on it hard, with the Org leader, we could really make a difference with the number of inspectors attending.

Anger management, maybe you should check out most adult male’s reaction to being called a liar, expecially by a no it all who has absolutely no experience in anything except whining, fabrications, and sob stories to get attention, I saw in another thread that you’re a big advocate of GOYA, why don’t you try that instead of spending all your time seeking attention on the internet? Why is it that you feel the need to call anyone who disagrees with you a liar, you do that in almost every thread, even more often than you threaten to sue them, we’re still all waiting for "“Your People” to accomplish that, but since Bushart has become your best buddy the threat seems to be that you will make a “Formal complaint”, why don’t you do that Wendy, maybe I am Ethically wrong by challenging the Bullsh*t statements of the mentally incompetent.


Mental disorder characterized by extreme self-absorption, an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and a need for attention and admiration from others.

Here’s a group you should join, maybe they’ll feel sorry for you.

Any proposed legislation will affect the entire state. If there is good representation from NACHI members in the Seattle area, it may be useful to show support statewide, therefore have representation at other hearings. The way these work, all testimony goes into the public record, so theoretically it is all reviewed prior to a decision being made, regardless of the location presented. A more important issue is to get NACHI members who testify to have some generally coherent alternative to offer the legislature. Emphasizing the continuing education NACHI offers and requires would be a good point. Groups that are successful at public hearings plan and choreograph their testimony for best effect. So, I repeat, we need a common message and alternative to offer, and need to discuss it prior to the first hearing.

People who often go around accusing others of being victims of mental disorders and needings their meds, and have mental diseases, often have undiagnosed mental disorders that they hope someone will one day diagnose for them. I talked to you about your issue with domestic violence which you regularly display here against me, indicating issues at home with your wife, and you accuse me of being a narcissist.

My father is a narcissist and I guarantee you I know what a narcissist is. It is very difficult to live with, and I can assure you, I wouldn’t waste my time on this bb if I was a narcissist. I wouldn’t feel that any of you was important enough to waste my precious time on if I was a narcissist.

But Wendy,you would, and you do, a narcissist also needs the admiration and attention of others, 7,000+ posts demonstrate that need. Poor, Poor Wendy, so misunderstood and so worthless.