Walk through inspection

Do any of you do walk through inspections with no agreement and no written report. If yes, how much do you charge?

I used to, but because of insurance coverage, I now set out specific inspection limitions. Example, a purchaser is going to gut the house and wants only structural, I have defined the scope of work and will provide only the structural inspection. Too much verbal agreements and liability with nothing on paper for the walk thru.

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Most any combination of systems or components of a home can be the inspection but having it agreed to before hand and producing a written report helps keep things clear and emphasizes the standards of practice.

I get a number of requests to do one item inspections.
When I get this request I try to sell a complete inspection.
If I take the job I always write a report even if it’s only one page. I include a transmittal letter that states that here is the report on “detail of items inspected and the limits of that inspection” and clearly statling tat this report is as per your (clients)instructions.
How often do you get these requests and how do you respond?

This was my first as I couldn’t get the agreement signed by my client who is now living in Alberta (seller)and was told to give the report to the buyer who was present for the inspection. I suggested a walk tru with no agreement and no report and then contacted the client who agreed The Real Estate Agent who was also present (seller’s agent) mentioned that many clients would prefer a walk tru. I’m not sure if this is a good idea. That’s why I want input.

Any time you get paid for an inspection I recommend that you write a report. The report should detail the item to be inspected and the results of the inspection and a signed contract. There are good examples of contracts elsewhere on this site. Have the contract signed before the inspection. Ray Ward posted a court decision that held the inspector liable for $10,000.00 dollars when his contract had a limit clause to the inspection fee. The court held that the contract was not valid because it was signed after the inspection.

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I normally use the nachi Agreement, my lawyer think it a very good agreement, I will fallow your advise no agreement no inspection

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