Walking surface and wall clearance

Hey there. Have a question I can’t seem to find any lit’ on. Got called to a 1 year old home with decks on front and back to inspect for water entry only. All exposed or uncovered decks leaked, especially at the fence posts (see pic).

My main question is about the material used for the deck (see pic). Does anyone have anything explaining proper material for walkable flat roof decks? This granular was already beat up and piles of it were on the ground below.

Same house, different question. In several areas (see pic) look at the lack of clearance between the walls and flat roof. Not to mention hardly any pitch (see broom nearby for manual water removal). I can only find info on parapets and not wall to roof construction clearance. Less than an inch in majority of deck thorughout. Direct contact in others. Water is ponding here and transferring into wall and ceilings below. The topper is that wood siding was used, wood siding that is now in direct contact with ponding water in several areas.

Any help would be great.







One more pic



That is an epoxy they spread over a rubber membrane similar to a TPO Roof covering, the covering (sand like) remainder is swept up after the epoxy dries.

If the deck is not sloped correctly like your pictures depict it will leak because they apparently do not have it flashed correctly against the walls.

Plus it’s sloped backwards also…right?

The majority of siding manufactures, regardless of materials, require a 2" minimum clearance from horizontal or sloped roof surfaces for flashing examination, water/debris migration away from the siding and treatment (paint) of the bottom edge.

That application along with what Dale posted about the roof materials is a LATENT DEFECT, requires removal and proper reinstallation.

These apply to your application, if you don’t have the book, enter these code # into search and you’ll get the verbiage

Thank you gentlemen. Dale, if I knew you were up on the message board that late, I would have stayed on. Aren’t you a little old to be up that late? Must’ve been a Matlock marathon on the tv or something huh?

Anyway, the slope is negative in several areas and no covering over the felt. Just granular. It won’t last another year the way it is exposed. I will forward your suggestions to my customers.

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Aren’t you a little old to be up that late? Must’ve been a Matlock marathon on the tv or something huh?

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Why would anyone (in their right state of mind) want their deck sprayed with a material that leaves no where for the rain water to drain off the deck?

And why don’t homeowners learn to stay away from that garbage cheapo masonite siding?

Cheaper material is not always the way to go when building. You get what you pay for.