Deck Details

While researching some deck flashing issues, I discovered this site:

It references the VA Building code, but that refers one to the 2003 ICC residential code.

Interesting read - I learned a lot. The one thing they don’t address is flashing design when the exterior wall below the deck is framed and sided.

It’s worth the time to read.

Regards, TG

Yes, worth a look.

Unlike their drawing, I like lowering the deck surface 4"-6" below the level of the interior finished floor…darn snow. :wink:

Look at figure 13 of your link. The flashing is set up so water is shed outside of the ledger. What is missing is how to install siding under the ledger. This would depend on the siding to be installed. I would recommend a rabbit on the bottom inside edge of the ledger so the siding below can be slid up underneath it, like a shingle…so it sheds water. Hope that’s helpful.

When we built decks in the early 70’s in NC we had to have a continous flash between the house rim joist and the deck ledger. It extended above the deck under the siding and if siding was below deck then a z flash had to be installed underneath the continous flash the over the top of the last course of siding below the deck. All attachment holes filled with silicon prior to lags or bolts thrus made.
Heck they just started in 04 requireing flashing in this area of VA.
Regards Bill


You describe the exact method that I would use, and call out as needing attention if I can’t see evidence of it on a house/deck connection.

Also, Patrick Springs, Isn’t that on the other side of the Fairystone, past Bassett, just west of Critz? No wonder! :wink:


I’ve inspected some real beauties in this area!:stuck_out_tongue:

makes good margaritas.

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