Walkthrough of my basement waterproofing 'n floor project

…‘weird lazy azz thing they did’

…'sent one of his minions over to grind floor, starts grinding = cloud of smoke, got my wife 'n kids out of the house…

the water diverting company must have been one of those real super duper PROFESSIONAL co’s Robert often brings up, ya dig?

ok so NOW, you can’t see the basement walls, now you can’t see water intrusion, can’t see possible mold or efflorescence or a possible existing crack in wall widening or a new crack (s) in wall or wall that could bow in and so on = stupid usual INT system crap

any house/basement that does have a radon problem, leaving gaps along the perimeter which they did allows easy access but who cares right lol, breath deep the gathering gloom…

let’s put a big plastic bag around the basement n call it waterproofing = idiots, YEP! lol

interior drainage system is not waterproofing = illusion

cold-hearted orb that rules the night
removes the colors from our sight
red is grey and yellow-white
but we decide which is right
and which is an illusion

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Written by Written by Justin Hayward, the Moody Blues

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But in the grey of the morning
My mind becomes confused
Between the dead and the sleeping
And the road that I must choose


…speeding through the universe, thinking is the best way to travel


so they give it a word and the word is…



Using music to further your assault on a basement waterproofing thread.
It’s people ,like you that like to SQUASH SQUISH the WAFI


that’s a damn good one Goldie-dude lol