More proof these basement 'waterproofing' companies are incompetent and-or LIARS

stupid mfrs, i’m serious, am tired of the fools on this subject, cheating homeowners out of $$$

-Already paid $$$ on an interior basement drainage system

-now this moron is going to do the same thing which will NOT seal/waterproof the actual problems, EXT cracks in wall!!!

:45 water coming THROUGH block wall

1:20 long horizontal (exterior!) crack in wall n step crack etc that allows water to penetrate the wall n cause the mold etc

2:20 more mold, efflorescence… FOOLS!! Yes frigging fools, cheating, scamming morons screwing homeowners and NOT stopping the water that will continue to enter the wall UNTIL, unless, somebody WATERPOOFS the exterior of the wall (s) correctly


You’ve been watching youtube again :slight_smile:

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Keep up the great EXTERIOR WATERPROOFING, Mark! Good on ya, my friend! :smile:

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scamming lying cheating sob’s = truth, sht i hear crap like ‘Oh we should treat each other w/respect n be fair n honest etc’, pffttt, NOT in this frigging shtball country, nope. Americans, many = GREED

Mark, come on, ego drives :monkey:, $$$ & :heart_eyes_cat: rule this planet.

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