Wall covering in attic

Is an exterior wall covering material (OSB, rigid styrofoam, etc) required to be installed before the vinyl siding in an attic area?

I say yes.

Looks like there was a fire previously.

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Certainteed installation procedure…
Vinyl siding must be applied over a rigid sheathing that
provides a smooth, flat surface or an underlayment (such as
wood, wood composition, rigid foam or fiber sheathing) that is
no more than 1" thick. Vinyl siding cannot be applied directly
to studs. See the instructions on page 29 for installation over
continuous insulation systems thicker than 1".

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This looks like an old home…1980’s perhaps? I have seen this before a few times. I am curious if it was once allowed.

Also, was there a fire? Possible the fire restoration contractors cut a few corners.