Wall cracks - Do I need to call A SE?

Hi guys

We recently bought a property and the cracks were covered up pretty good.
Now after a few weeks the crack start to show again. Can someone please tell me if I need to get a Structual engineer involved to investigate the cracks further.

Crack below is form the roof going to the window. The same crack can be found inside the house.


Crack below is about 1 meter away from the crack above - this one looks quite wide to me, even though its been filled.


Images below are other cracks around the house. There are a few of these, they are only outside and not inside


Should I involve a SE?

For any help or comments, I thank you in advance.


My opinion is no. They look like common cracks which you’ll get at door and window corners, both inside and outside. They usually run diagonally like yours. The proper thing to do is to patch them, especially the outside ones, so that wind-driven rain doesn’t get into them.