Crack in the wall

Found a crack in the wall today right underneath one of the downstairs windows. This window was in the walkout basement portion of the home and the window was about 3 1/2 - 4 feet high. The crack runs down from the bottom of the window to the floor and although noticable, wasn’t very wide. No such cracks were found anywhere else in the home or on this particular wall. Here’s the problem, there was a negative grade found in the landscape right outside of the window in question (underneath a deck/balcony) and the ground outside at the wall was very wet.

Waddaya think?

My first reaction, since this was the crack in the wall, was that it was minor. Then I started mulling it over and started to wonder.

I’ve never posted a picture before but I’ll give it a shot.

Wood frame house? Small crack in the drywall, probably nothing.

It looks so straight that it looks like where two pieces of drywall meet.

Observered (noticed) crack in wall board centered below xxxx window. monitor for further cracking and have repaired by a qualified licensed contractor.

Or something like that.

I don’t think it’s a big deal but you never know how the client will feel about it.

Thanks Brian!

The home presented itself extremely well and it was the only crack in the entire home or on that particular wall. I was thinking that if there was a structural issue the wall in question would have presented much worse. I’ll most likely recommend repair of the crack along with adjusting the exterior grade to allow for better runoff.

Thanks Jason!

The client was concerned, but was very accepting of my response when I said that it was most likely not due to a foundation problem. She seemed fine with repairing the crack if it was only a minor issue. It’s just that I got home and started to think about it and began to question it. I then decided to tap into that bottomless piece of infotania known as NACHI :smiley:

You guys rock!

if that was the only crack, i’d spackel it an move on. if it were foundation problems you’d find more issues, ie; doors won’t close, other cracks warped or cracked floors. any combo there in, but just one, not likely.

Drywall crack. Wood frame houses do dry out and this is not settlement crack in my opinion. - Cosmetic.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Jay,I think it’s awesome that you perform cosmetic repairs during your inspections!:smiley:

I tend to agree with the above statements. Often times, there is a misplaced stud behind the drywall, and the joints are not properly screwed, when the stud dries, it twist, and the tape cracks leaving a small hairline crack.

I bet the problem is that there is no tape on the joint and the crack will continue to reappear till it is properlytaped and mudded.

Drywall seam crack.

Here’s a discussion I wrote on cracks that I include in my Interactive Report System Version 2:

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*Nothing, but a mere shrinkage crack. That’s all. Don’t worry about it, but note, to further monitor and evaluate further movement. See it all the time on Commercial jobs too, and shows that even on metal studs, these will occurr. Building a new building Residential or Commercial, humidity levels are hard to maintain, and when the regulated temperatures are maintained, and the struture dries out, you tend to see this type of shrinkage cracking. The tape and joint compound tend to let go under the drying process. Re-enforced tape for joint compunds (fiber mesh tape) seems to prevent alot of this from happening. *
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Hay aren’t we taught to “test under normal working condition” as the home owner would? Just doin’ my part.

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On the surface the pic/description doesn’t seem that serious. But keep yours eyes and mind open. If that is a pic of cracked drywall it may indicate a crack in the foundation beyond, which could be more serious if the drywall is not that old and the walls were furred out with lumber.

In addition, If there is foundation wall cracking in the area where the grade pitches towards the foundation, there is likely water penetration … and possible water damage and mold that may not be readily visible.

Observe and Report … thats the job, and don’t try to guess at things you can’t see … :wink: