Want to start local chapter for Philadelphia

Looking into starting a chapter here in Philadelphia. Wouldn’t mind getting together weekly by zoom and maybe once a month as well to help each build our business to it’s fullest potential.

So how is that advantageous over this MB?
The advantage of a local Chapter is in-person camaraderie.

I believe he was soliciting interest and organizational help.

My post still applies.

No one said anything about you. So defensive!

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What I meant besides the zoom meetings maybe meet up once a month. I can do it weekly if needed, but not everyone can. So I’m not throwing that out there. And by having this chapter we can discuss and help on things we see every day. All regions are different and this forum is great but I rather talk to people locally and be able to meet and possibly help on inspections if needed. So yea, there you go.

And it seems like all these chapters are lame and don’t do anything.

If you don’t get any traction with starting a chapter, you could try starting a local Facebook group.


That sounds fantastic! You can find more details on starting a chapter here: www.nachi.org/form. Our chapter sites help you set up virtual and live meetings. We are also hosting our annual convention in Atlantic City in October, so another great way to showcase the chapter would be at our chapter booth. Give me a call, or email, to discuss in more detail :slight_smile: