Forming a Local Chapter

Been thinking about forming a local chapter. Reviewing the -
**Form your own InterNACHI Chapter. It costs you nothing.

It mentioned - Try to get some freebies to hand out, i.e., radon kits, inspection software, tool catalogs, discount coupons, literature from your speaker, etc. Go through all of and ask. Ask and you will receive. These sponsors will gladly ship you door prizes to give away. Contact them directly and have them ship to you ahead of time.

But appears the site no longer exists?

I was also trying to find a list of local chapters to see if there are any in this area already - (Northwest Georgia) - I thought I had seen a forum message some time last year that there is a list but it was not in alphabetical order ??

Thanks Ken

Link fixed. It is: Also, email me your shipping address: I’ll send you lots door prized.

Nick, thank you !!! If I do start up a local chapter I’ll take you up on the offer. But how can I find out if there is in fact one already in this area? I don’t want to start one if there is already one local to the Dalton - Whitfield County Area…

Nothing near you. And I want to come to one of your events if you’ll have me.